Debut E.P Out Now!

The first official release by Military Grade Peace is out now! You can listen here The Resistance E.P You can buy it here  Six songs, 3 previously streamed on Soundcloud, 3 new songs. Buy a song, buy them all, or just listen, at least the last option is free. Working on a follow E.P that should […]

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A short, short story

TRUE STORY TIME:- The day I met Donald Trump Jr, and the story he told me.  So not that long ago, I was at an airport, my flight had been delayed and so I went to the bar for a drink, it was fairly crowded as a lot of flights had suffered the same thing. […]

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Crispy Ambulance

My favourite band ever is Joy Division, through them and Factory Records I discovered particular bands that all emerged roughly the same time from Manchester and area, bands like A Certain Ratio, Section 25, and the one I want to write about today, Crispy Ambulance. This was all after the fact of course, it must […]

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The Gas

It must have been sometime in early 1981 when I was about 13, not far from the flats I grew up in, (Lambeth, South East London), I saw a 3 piece band shooting a video, I stood and watched fascinated, they were The Gas and the song was ‘Possessions”. The next day I went to […]

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Sex Pistols – June 4 1976

Sitting at home with a broken foot, listening to the Sex Pistols at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester, on orange Vinyl no less, recorded on June 4th 1976. I can’t imagine what it would have been like have been there, without the hindsight I have now, and take in that show. Imagine being familiar […]

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