Debut Album by MGP – Kingdom of Bohemia

The debut album by MGP is available now from Bandcamp for FREE, just choose zero dollars to download.

The album is 4 long electronic instrumentals, influenced by the horribly named “Krautrock” from the early 70s when young Germans were making music far ahead of their time, it’s also worth a mention for the influence of Brian Eno and Crispy Ambulance. These 4 compositions are to be listened to on headphones, to provide an escape from the shite world around us.KIngdom of Bohemia cover

Composed, recorded, mixed and mastered in July 2018, these instrumentals were a mixture of jamming, experimentation and improvisations, with the mood of each piece specifically added to the raw structure of the music.

The album will be available on iTunes shortly. Listen for free, own for free, or buy it, but give it a listen.

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